Price is what you pay. Value is what you get

how we can help you

At the Value Venture we appreciate that your main focus is on value creation - we are here to help you with the art (and science) of aligning the other key value elements - value perception and value capture (price)

Understanding customer needs, delivering the value they require and charging the right price sounds obvious and potentially straight forward but all too often we see companies out of balance – either charging too much for a service that is not delivering appropriate value or leaving money on the table by not considering real willingness to pay.




4-hour introductory workshops designed to help you navigate the intricacies of value-based pricing. These include:


• Identifying your value

• The fundamentals of value based pricing

• How to balance the value equation 


Fun and intense boot camps designed to address the key challenges of value capture. Can be held in unexpected locations (eg. winery)


• Tailored to small groups with similar challenges

• Suitable for entrepreneurs or SMEs 

• Walk away with practical solutions for growth


Bespoke Consulting services

Workshops and consulting services tailored to address your specific needs.
Our expertise include:


• Price setting and price management 

• Portfolio optimization 

• Customer experience 

• Communication of value