A boutique consultancy driving profit improvement and growth 

Our mission is to help our clients reach that ultimate position where their customers are delighted and their company is in great health. We help find that profitable equilibrium between the value a company delivers, how they communicate that value and the price they charge.


Achieving this balance is the key to achieving long term SUSTAINABLE GROWTH.


At the Value Venture we help you earn what
you deserve and deserve what you earn


While simply increasing the price might be the obvious way to drive revenue growth, short term thinking in pricing can lead to long-term decline. At the Value Venture we take a bird's eye view of the business considering how the company communicates the value proposition, the experience delivered to the customer, the sales approach and the customer targeting. We work with you to develop practical solutions to optimise each of these areas. 



The Value Venture is the brainchild of Emma Cook, a business strategist who combines deep industry and business insight with change management skills backed by more than 20 years experience working for large multinationals across Europe and Asia. Throughout her career, Emma has defined and implemented successful profit improvement strategies in pricing, customer experience and product management. Today she applies this knowledge to guide her clients, from multiple industries and of all sizes, through the exciting  journey to sustainable growth. 


How we work - A Pragmatic APPROACH

Starting with scenario assessment we quickly drill down to the real issues causing stagnating growth, underperformance or simply missed opportunity for profit. We work with clients to define and implement practical solutions that will truly turn the needle, improving results and enabling investment for future growth.

The initial, exploratory stage usually consists of workshops, interviews and data analysis. Identified issues are then assessed with the team and prioritised based on impact. We work together to define solutions and develop a no-nonsense plan to get the results. 

An assignment can take as little as several days or extend to several months depending on the scope of the project and the complexity of the task at hand. Although we work with all sizes across many industries, we will only say yes to a relationship when we understand the value we can add. 

As every assignment requires different skills we reach out to our trusted network of partners to find the right individuals needed to get the job done. 


What people say about Emma

Emma is one of the most talented leaders I have had the privilege to work with. She is highly market oriented, analytical and perfectly understands how to link customer requirements to business opportunities. She is both strategic and tactically talented
— Board Member, FEDEX Europe
Whilst appreciating the passion of entrepreneurs, Emma cuts through this to see purely the business side of things, challenging assumptions based on financial evidence and essentially helps small and mid-size business to increase their profit through commercial strategy. A brilliant partner
— Managing Director, Indigo Talent, London
I had pleasure of working with Emma twice. First time she helped with setting up our pricing expertise and the second was around helping us develop and manage a marketing campaign process. In both instances she proved great project skills and timely delivery as well as a very strong focus on delivering tangible results
— Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President - Iron Mountain
Emma is a rare pricing and marketing specialist helping companies grow in new markets. Using value based pricing models she enables them to increase their profits and position themselves well from the start
— CEO, British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce
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